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Was The Chevron Ecuador Judgment Procured Through Fraud?

Chevron Ecuador Judgment Exposed as Fraud by Chevron in Video Series

Chevron Ecuador judgmentChevron Corporation today released a series of seven videos to demonstrate that the case against the oil company in Ecuador is based on fraud and deceit, and is simply the machinations of parties who would benefit from a Chevron Ecuador judgment.


From the history of oil production in region to the pervasive fraud plaguing the litigation, the videos detail all aspects of the legal and scientific deceptions committed by the plaintiffs’ team in pursuit of a misguided and meritless lawsuit chasing a Chevron Ecuador judgment.


The videos allow viewers to see new footage from “Crude,” which was made and financed by the plaintiffs against Chevron, but turned into their greatest weapon in proving the fraud behind the plaintiffs’ case and its attempts to win a the judgment.


Also, evidence shows lead plaintiff attorney Steven Donziger in deposition videos personally describing how he directed a number of questionable actions that promoted the fraud against Chevron and Texaco.


Under oath, attorney Steven Donziger admits on tape that none of the recent environmental experts whose testimony will influence the Chevron Ecuador judgment ever visited Ecuador or “did any kind of new site inspection,” “new sampling,” or “environmental testing of any kind.” New plaintiffs’ experts admitted when deposed that they relied on the data and conclusions in the discredited Cabrera Report and did not conduct any independent sampling. Thus their opinions should not factor in any decisions.


The subterfuge behind attempts to bring a Chevron Ecuador judgment is made apparent. Also featured in the videos are the plaintiffs’ Philadelphia attorney Joe Kohn, environmental experts from Stratus Consulting in Denver, and other plaintiffs’ experts who admit that their submissions to the court in Ecuador were falsified and that no contamination exists by Chevron. The videos present unassailable evidence and admissions by the plaintiffs, on tape and in emails, that the ‘independent report’ by Richard Cabrera that found alleged contamination in Ecuador was mostly written by plaintiffs themselves. The “Cabrera Report” found on plaintiffs’ lawyers’ computers matches word-for-word the multi-billion damage assessment filed by Cabrera and which would have played a large role, were the report not discredited.


The videos reveal that the final judgment for $18 billion against Chevron in Ecuador was crafted and ghostwritten by the plaintiffs who provided it to Judge Nicholas Zambrano to make it appear as if it was the opinion of the Ecuadorian justice system and not a ploy to bring about a Chevron Ecuador judgment by any means necessary.


The videos are proof positive that Chevron will likely prevail in the courts because of the manipulation of the plaintiffs as they attempted illegally obtain the Chevron Ecuador judgment. Now that courts in the United States and the World Court in the Hague are looking into the case, Chevron has a real opportunity to continue to expose the fraud and turn the tables on the plaintiffs and the environmental organizations, such as Amazon Watch and Rainforest Action Network, that fronted for the unethical and fraudulent case concocted against Chevron.

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